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So…. Why can’t Sydney Imbeau still play Claire? She’s aged the same number of years and she looks about the right age.


Does she not want to or something?

I wonder if they asked her or invited her to audition…she rocked the last time she had the part but perhaps this time she simply has other commitments…

Think about The Princess Bride.  It would have been so much simpler if the writer had just gotten Westley and Buttercup together right at the beginning, right? They figured out they were in love, and that should have been that. The neighbors would go on to talk about how that nice young farm boy married his boss’s pretty daughter and don’t they have the most adorable kids? It’s a nice story. But it’s absolutely not an Epic Tale of Love Enduring Beyond Death.

To get an Epic Tale of Love Enduring Beyond Death, you need some Death.

You need Westley to be lost at sea.

You need Buttercup to be engaged to someone else and actively being kidnapped when he comes home.

You need them to get back together for a brief moment, only for Gadreel Humperdinck to show up and ruin everything all over again.

Right now, I think in the Epic Tale of Dean and Cas’s Love, Heartbreak, and Love, Westley has just been strapped into the Twelve-Fingered Man’s life-sucking machine and Inigo is off drinking somewhere so there can’t be a rescue attempt until Fezzik sobers him up a bit. So we’re not even done with the downhill slide. We probably won’t be done with the downhill slide for a few more episodes and then we’re probably going to wallow around at the bottom for a bit… but we’ve basically been promised that things will turn around. There’s always the chance that promise will be broken, and if they do that the writers and producers will deserve all the shoes I will fling at my TV… but so far, I still trust them to pay off.


Why I love Sleepy Hollow:

Villain tries to convince captive that her husband has forgotten her, has moved on to another woman.  Captive has evidence of her own eyes that could support this claim.  Captive says screw you - not only because of love for husband, but also because villain is skeevy and wants to burn down the world, and she’s against that.

And then husband comes to rescue her, letting his emotions be known and heard: that he loves her, that he would risk anything to save her, etc etc, and she doesn’t give him grief but acts like a smart grownup and trusts him - and asks him to trust her.

And meanwhile, the sister who felt rightfully abandoned and betrayed takes one for the team, goes back to the place she hates, to allow her sister and partner time to save the world (again), trusting her sister to get her out again - faster than last time.  Yeah, she got that last dig in but trust me, it wouldn’t be realistic if she’d NOT said it…

This may all yet end Badly, but for now we’ve got some of the best representations of Good Relationships on tv, right here:  Abby and Crane’s partnership, Katrina and Crane’s love story, Abby and Jenny’s regained sisterhood… 



1. A discussion with Castiel about her father, thereby confirming once an for all, that Jimmy is in fact in heaven and not still in Cas’ vessel.

2. A way to save Castiel because Claire should have some of his residual grace inside of her.

That second point warrants the most discussion I think. It would make the throw away 9x11 grace plot point not so throw away anymore…

I’ve definitely thought about that - it crossed my mind at the time, but didn’t seem relevant until the reveal that Cas’s incompatible grace was burning him out. And it’s quite an ethical dilemma, too. Claire is probably NOT going to be thrilled to have someone show up on her doorstep and ask to stick a needle into her brain…


Gosh.  I’m suddenly having images of Krissy Chambers, Claire Novak, Alex/Annie, and Kate from Bitten meeting up in the same room.

ETA: Ha!  I see I’m not the only one thinking along these lines…….

…and now I’m wondering what to make of the fact that Madison McLaughlin (Krissy’s actress) was visiting Adam Glass (who wrote Krissy’s other episodes) last week - she tweeted some pictures. Could be nothing. Could be everything.

…Must try not to get hopes up about something I’m reading in tea leaves…

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