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…so I’ve got longer than I thought to finish the book. Which might mean rearranging the TBR pile because I’ve got non-renewable stuff due at the library before that.








Pepper I-don’t-know-anything Potts

lol clearly when you tell tony anything you’re actually telling tony-and-pepper the entity.


and Phil’s like “eh, we know Stark can’t tie the shoelaces on his own platform sneakers without you, it’s fine”

there was probably an entire subsection on Natasha’s report about it, lbr.

"It is absolutely certain that Stark will share every detail of this information, no matter how classified or minute, with Pepper Potts.  This does not constitute a problem, as Potts is more qualified for any SHIELD work than Stark (see attached evaluation, where she scores above average marks in intelligence, trustworthiness, and quality of work product).  Unfortunately any recruitment of Potts would be rejected, as her loyalty to Stark is unparalleled. Which, once again, makes her eminently qualified for recruitment.  Recommend preemptively clearing Potts for any classified data we give Stark."

Additional handwritten sticky note attached to this page: “Phil: are we sure we’re not reopening the super soldier project?  Just asking for a friend.”

I am entirely convinced that Pepper has a higher SHIELD clearance than Tony does. She knows Phil is alive and they exchange text messages during boring meetings,

Friendly Reminder that Maria Hill now works for her.

Can you imagine the amount of official secrets that can leak during tea breaks?

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I have long said that in order for any comedy to truly succeed as a story, there has to be meat beneath the jokes. There has to be that moment when it is not funny any more.

This. This is that moment.

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Bat’leth by Kimberly Gintar [ravelry]

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"Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tiny little critter to finish your boring WIPs?"

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I mean, come on the ‘Dr. Who’ fandom gets to see the new Doctor on big screen we should have the same pleasure to celebrate our 200th episode. Imagine how awesome this would be!


So let it be written. So let it be done!

I’d totally do this - and. hrm. I was going to say that Doctor Who has a much larger viewership than SPN, but I think maybe it might not. If we’re only talking about the US, the numbers are in the same general ballpark.

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If you deliberately seek out any of these images, you are directly participating in the violation not just of numerous women’s privacy but also of their bodies.
In what’s being called the biggest celebrity hacking incident in internet history, more than 100 female celebrities have had their private nude images stolen and published online. The bulk of the images posted have been officially confirmed as belonging to Jennifer Lawrence, but a complete list of victims’ names - including Krysten Ritter, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rihanna, Brie Larson and Kirsten Dunst - has been subsequently published. (Link does not contain pictures, only names.)
The images were first uploaded by an anonymous member of the underground internet sewer known as 4chan and have since been enthusiastically shared across platforms like Reddit and Twitter. A representative for Lawrence has confirmed the images are real, condemning the theft of them as a “flagrant violation of privacy” and adding that “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos.”
There are a few different issues that a criminal act like this brings up, but before I get into them it’s necessary to make one thing clear: If you deliberately seek out any of these images, you are directly participating in the violation not just of numerous women’s privacy but also of their bodies. These images - which I have not seen and which I will not look for - are intimate, private moments belonging only to the people who appear in them and who they have invited to see them. To have those moments stolen and broadcast to the world is an egregious act of psychic violence which constitutes a form of assault.
The people sharing these images are perpetuating an ongoing assault. The people gleefully looking at them are witnessing and enjoying an ongoing assault. When you have been asked by victims of a crime like this not to exacerbate the pain of that crime and you continue to do so anyway, you are consciously deciding that your enjoyment, your rights and perhaps even just your curiosity are more important than the safety and dignity of the people you’re exploiting.
That out of the way, let’s get a few other things straight.
1. This is not a ‘scandal’
It’s a crime, and we should be discussing it as such. Some media outlets are salaciously reporting it otherwise, as if the illegal violation of privacy involving intimate images is little more than subject for gossip. When associated with sex, the word ‘scandal’ has been typically interpreted as something that assigns responsibility to all parties involved, a consensual act unfortunately discovered and for which everyone owes an explanation or apology. Remember when private nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens (whose name also appears on the list of victims) were leaked online and Disney forced her to publicly apologise for her “lapse in judgment” and hoped she had “learned a valuable lesson”? Never mind that Hudgens was an adult and a victim of privacy violation - the ‘scandal’ was painted as something for which she owed her fans an apology. Which leads us to:
2. These women do not ‘only have themselves to blame’
While depressing, it’s sadly unsurprising to see some people arguing that Lawrence et al brought this on themselves. Part of living in a rape culture is the ongoing expectation that women are responsible for protecting themselves from abuse, and that means avoiding behaviour which might be later ‘exploited’ by the people who are conveniently never held to account for their actions. But women are entitled to consensually engage in their sexuality any way they see fit. If that involves taking nude self portraits for the enjoyment of themselves or consciously selected others, that’s their prerogative.
Victims of crime do not have an obligation to accept dual responsibility for that crime. Women who take nude photographs of themselves are not committing a criminal act, and they shouldn’t ‘expect’ to become victims to one, as actress Mary E. Winstead pointed out on Twitter. 
Sending a photograph of your breasts to one person isn’t consenting to having the whole world see those breasts, just as consenting to sex with one person isn’t the same as giving permission for everyone else to fu*k you. Victim blaming isn’t okay, even if it does give you a private thrill to humiliate the female victims of sexual exploitation.
3. It doesn’t matter that ‘damn, she looks good and should own it!’
Stealing and sharing the private photographs of women doesn’t become less of a crime just because you approve them for fapping activity. I’m sure many of the women on this list are confident of their sexual attractiveness. It doesn’t mean they don’t value their privacy or shouldn’t expect to enjoy the same rights to it as everyone else. It also doesn’t mean they want strangers sweating over their images. That line of thinking comes from the same school which instructs women to either ignore of welcome sexual harassment when it’s seemingly ‘positive’ in its sentiments.
None of these women are likely to give a shit that you think their bodies are ‘tight, damn’. Despite what society reinforces to us about the public ownership of women’s bodies, we are not entitled to co-opt and objectify them just because we think we can defend it as a compliment.
I will not be seeking out these images out and I urge everyone else to avoid doing the same. I hope that all the women who have been victimised here are being appropriately supported by the authorities and their network of friends. And I hope sincerely that more people take a stand against this kind of behaviour.
Because this incident aside, it strikes me as deeply ironic that we will vehemently protest a free Facebook messenger app because we’re outraged at reports that it can access our phone’s numbers, and yet turn around and excuse the serving up of women’s bodies for our own pleasure. Our appreciation is no less disgusting just because it’s accompanied by the sound of one hand clapping.

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Yesterday a lovely anon asked me if I could write a bit about Crowley in S9 while particularly taking into account his conversation with Sam in 9x16 “Blade Runners”. Since yesterday I was too tired to come up with anything coherent, I promised to make a post about it sometime this week - sometime turned out being now, because I have a few minutes. :)

I think when looking at Crowley and his arc in S9 it’s vital to ask yourself whether you tend to believe that whatever humanity Crowley re-connected with when Sam was trying to cure him in 8x23 “Sacrifice” had a genuine and long-lasting effect on him or if what we saw of him, especially towards the latter half of the season, was just a very well orchestrated technique to make people believe he was off his game, when he was anything but.

Gladly - and I truly mean it, because this is why Crowley has been a really compelling character to analyze over the course of S9 - this question is not all that easy - and in fact - maybe impossible to answer. I personally tend to believe that the Crowley we saw in the church in the season finale of S8 showed a Crowley completely overwhelmed by human feelings he hadn’t felt in a long time. It’s not having human feelings in general that was new, it was the kind of feelings that were important and telling. Because just like angels, demons and monsters have emotions. They were never shown unable of emotion on SPN. Most of the time though their emotions seem to circle around fulfilling certain drives, urges and darker needs - circling around pleasure and instant gratification of the desired (which fits to what we know about Demon!Dean as well). But we know as well that demons - without needing to be shot up with human blood - are able to feel empathy, sadness and yes, I believe even love. Meg’s storyline supports such a reading especially. That being said, most of the time it’s not the gentle feelings, the emotions of empathy and understanding that is taking the driver’s seat in making decisions, but the darker ones. They cover those that lie buried underneath and just need the right spark to burst into flames…

In a way I personally tend to believe that demons are souls lost to their id (analyzed with Freud - see here or here for more on that) or their shadow (analyzed with Jung - see here). Those parts of their personality overshadowing and suppressing everything else while the other components are still there and maybe consciously or subconsciously stored away.

For Crowley I personally assume he’d long been longing for appreciation, being looked up to, being ~loved - like he admitted to Sam in the church - all of the things he must have never felt he got even though he was the king of hell. This sort of resembles how Cas said when he was powered up by all the souls from purgatory that it’s no use if they don’t mean it (profess their love to him), because they don’t love him or respect him just fear him. And while I expect Crowley to mostly not give a damn about those things, maybe deep down he wanted someone to tell him what an excellent job he does at handling hell. He wanted a friend, a companion. You could even go as far as saying that maybe in a way that is why he worked with Cas as well. Though of course he mostly thought about his own advantage and was playing with Cas (as much as he was playing Dean). And since a friend/lover/companion didn’t come naturally, he decided to create one. Not only in order to be able to get rid off Abaddon once Dean took on the mark of Cain, but maybe as some sort of revenge as well: Sam took everything from him in that church, made him vulnerable, so he took what was most important to Sam: Dean.

Of course it’s not that easy and not that black and white with Crowley. In fact, he is the master of shades of grey and I fully believe that Crowley not only wanted Dean to turn so he could use him as a weapon, but also because he wanted him as a friend, as someone to howl at the moon with together (I am dying to see Crowley realize that the demon he raised is completely out of his control and lightyears out of his league). Maybe also because while Dean’s emotions that made him the person we all have grown to love so much over 9 years is so fully and completely about caring and loving (to the point he as a person disappears) are buried deep and he embraces all the things he formerly suppressed, Crowley’s emotions that used to circle around how to gain more power suddenly circle around love and care as well. Especially in that regard a very important line for Crowley’s arc in S10 could be this one

"You know why I always defeat you? You always put emotion before good old fashioned common sense."

Because - like I said here quite a while back - Crowley might have signed his own death certificate with what he revealed there…

All that being said, I personally tend to believe that Crowley’s words in the season 8 finale were honest and heartfelt and Crowley was mightily overwhelmed by the feelings that washed over him and grew quite fond of them, but got his addiction way earlier under control than he let on and tried to make the Winchesters believe. At the same time I think that what he felt, has changed him and his outlook, which did show in part when Gavin was introduced. He might have dabbled into some human emotions he hadn’t felt in a long time, but he was nowhere near as off his game as he tried to make it seem.

I personally do believe most of his tactic involved looking harmless while gathering his strength in silence and studying his subjects as intently as he had never been able to before, because now he was “inside”, got a front-row-seat. Making himself useful to me was the second step of getting under the Winchester’s skin. Like my dear anon said "Crowley during Season 9 showed an overly growing need to get in the good odds with the Winchesters", he had a tactic and that tactic to me mostly was about building ~common ground. I actually wrote a not (all serious) step by step guide to Crowley’s tactic in that regard (see here), so maybe that would already cover your “question”. :)

As for Sam’s and Crowley’s interactions in 9x16 “Blade Runners”: Those were golden, because they showed so clearly how different and in the end fatal the Winchester’s relationship to Crowley turned out being. While Crowley succeeded in sort of setting himself up as a friend and father figure (this truly is the creepiest thing ever to me personally) with Dean and feeding Dean’s addiction, none of his ~charme worked on Sam, because he wasn’t susceptible for Crowley’s manipulation than Dean was. Crowley tried to make good with sam as well, but fast had to realize that the younger Winchester wouldn’t warm up to him the way he got the older Winchester to.

To wrap this up and to answer the question in the title. To me Crowley is both a magnificent Master-Manipulator and a Lone Wolf Longing to Be Loved. I don’t doubt for a second that he was taken over by what had happened in the church and that it had a genuine effect on him, but I don’t doubt for a second either that Crowley had known fully well right from the beginning what the mark would do to him, what it would turn him into. And so he kept looking for signs, whether it was in Magnus’ lair or when he tested Dean to save him in the bar, he knew and even if he looked somewhat troubled when he talked to Dean’s corpse. His “apology” surely might have had much more to do with him making good with a demon that is effectively the son of Cain.



Oh Chemistree, oh chemistree,

How lovely are your beakers.

You wish your chem lab was as cool as mine.

This is the most cyberpunk thing I have ever seen.

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French 1 Dutch 2 Taffy 3 Band 4 heel Shaped common heel 9 tip: French 5 Dutch 6 round 7 Reverse Dutch 8 other Afterthought sädekavenus 13 Heel edeellä 10 unnamed 11 Afterthought tape 12 short rows One wedge heel 14 hourglass 15 Sweet tomato 16

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Ho man!

Worth a reblog for a wonderful resource.

I was trying to match up the names with some of the pictures and I couldn’t work out a few. Whilst looking I found THIS LINK to the Ravelry page with a lot more information (scroll to the bottom for English).

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