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But those audiences are just reading things into the movie, right?”

Let’s think about what “reading into” a movie is. “That’s simple,” you might reply. “It’s when an audience puts things into the movie that aren’t there.” That certainly seems straightforward enough. But is it?

Picture yourself watching a horror film in which a group of teenagers are staying at a spooky cabin deep in the woods. It’s midnight. A couple sneaks off to a back bedroom and has sex. The attractive young woman then gets up, decides that she’s going to take a shower, and says that she’ll be right back.

You know that this woman will be toast in a matter of minutes.

But how do you know? There’s nothing in the film itself which says that this woman will die. The same incident (romantic rural location, sexy couple) could take place in a romantic film, and the shower would not raise any hackles. No, the knowledge of her imminent death comes from you, the experienced horror film viewer. You have “read into” the scene.

Like the characters in Scream, you know that horror films operate according to a set of rules or conventions that have been established by previous films in the genre. The filmmaker depends on you knowing these conventions. She knows that by sending the woman to the shower, she can create tension in the audience (“No! Don’t go, you crazy girl!”). The filmmaker can toy with the audience, delaying the inevitable, because she knows that we expect the girl to be slashed. It is our job as audience members to read into the scene; filmmakers count on that.

Movies rely on the audience to supply information that is only hinted at in the film, like the shower convention in horror films. This “reading into” even occurs at the simplest levels of filmmaking. When we see a shot of someone getting into a car and driving away, followed by a shot of the car pulling into another driveway, we understand that the driver drove from one place to another. We understand this without the film actually showing us the drive across town. If we were limited to what was explicitly laid out in the film, if we didn’t read into the film, then we wouldn’t be able to make basic sense out of the movie. There’s not a choice of whether you read into a film or not; audiences always read into a movie.

This is not to say that you can read a movie in any way you want. Certain pieces of information in a film are established beyond dispute. If you don’t think that Raiders of the Lost Ark is about an explorer archaeologist looking for the Ark of the Covenant, then you’ve missed something. If you believe that it is a film about Arctic beekeeping, then you are doing a remarkably perverse bit of reading into.

Between the pedestrian kind of reading into (the driving-across-town example, which some would call an inference or expectation) and the ludicrous kind of reading into (Raiders-as-Arctic-beekeeping-film), there is a wide range of possible readings. Some of these you may find to be too much of a stretch. What I would ask is that you be open to the possibility that some of these readings may be interesting. Don’t close down your mind simply because an interpretation involves “reading into” a movie, because all film viewings involve reading into. Instead, look at the movie with an open mind and see if there is evidence to support a particular interpretation. If someone says that Raiders is really a film about finding God or a film about Freudian revenge on the father, look at the film to see if there is corroborating material. Based on the film, decide if there is a case to be made for that particular interpretation.
Excerpted from:
Smith, G. M. (2001). “It’s Just a Movie:” A Teaching Essay for Introductory Media Classes. Cinema Journal, 41(1), 127-134. [pdf] [html] (via justanotheridijiton)

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Robert Berens let me love you


All your love is lost on me. 
What's the matter with you, baby

SPN10 Countdown Challenge | day 20

[4/23] Spells, Curses & Ganking - 8x04 Bitten



Lets go take a howl at that moon.

This episode has haunted me from the first time I saw it. The eerie but all too realistic way friendships and love fall apart in the face of obstacles, particularly when it is the internal struggle that causes the external conflict, yeah, Bitten blew me out of the water.

The process of Dean’s transformation into a demon a year and a half later only makes me fangirl over this episode all the harder. Particularly in light of the gifset above and even more so -as neven-ebrez so rightly tagged it in this post, the single most stunning shot of foreshadowing- Dean looking into the mirror and the black shadow moving across his eyes reflecting the state of his increasingly corrupted soul.

Whether these shots of Dean were callbacks to this moment in Bitten, or whether the shot of Kate was a piece of incredibly well-planned foreshadowing I will leave to your judgment of Carver’s skills as a showrunner. Fact remains that the parallels between the two are brilliant no matter which way you look at it.

Kate panics in the first gif, knowing life as she knew it is over. Bitten by a werewolf, her very nature will change, has changed. She almost cries, looking down, not able to look at herself. What we the audience are left with is the shattered reflection of herself. An image of a fractured identity symbolised outwardly by the bite mark in the second gif. The werewolf bite has changed her at a fundamental level, yet parts of her character are still the same. As a human, she probably would have never killed, but the wolf in her allows her to take revenge, to act at a primal level. A course of action she chooses in the last gif as she visibly and disconcertingly calms down. Filming herself in the mirror, we are presented with a face once again aligned, but the wounds have left their mark. The cracks in the mirror symbolise the scars that will never disappear. Kate is still Kate, but different.

We are also left with an inverse image of who she used to be. Her good traits have not vanished. She chooses to live off animal hearts and vows the Winchesters will never have cause to hunt her down. She is not entirely werewolf, not entirely human. She won’t just howl at the moon, because the characteristics of kindness and wanting to change the world have not entirely vanished. Her characteristics have simply shifted in dominance. And Sam and Dean let her go.

In the contrasting gifset, Dean is shown with water running down his face as if they were tears, yet he isn’t crying. A fogged over mirror obscures his vision of himself. Guilt and grief having blurred his perception of reality. The mark of Cain in the second gif symbolises that which is altering inside him. And in the final gif, like Kate, he gives himself clarity by wiping the mirror clean. However, to us, the image remains slightly distorted. Dean yet not quite Dean.

The rest of the season slowly changes him into the snarling thing in Stairway to Heaven. His less prominent characteristics become more visible as his dominant ones move to the background. It is a process which ended at the end of season 9 as he became a demon who in behaviour, as we have seen in the promos, is the mirror image of his human set of characteristics.

Dean was protective before in order save lives and if that gratitude became a one-night stand, then awesome. The season 10 promos suggest, however, that he is protective now in order to have that one night stand/intense fling. Same characteristics, different focus. It is not that he has completely changed. It is simply that dominant and latent traits have switched in importance. Like Kate, Dean is still Dean, just different.

And as surely as Kate turned on her maker, so Dean will turn on his. Crowley has never underestimated human Dean and it has been key to his survival, but maybe demon!Dean will prove his undoing.

Lets go take a howl at that moon.

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She was supposed to be the next Magical Girl, but the dog touched the magical artifact first!

Now she has to help her pet fight evil and also prevent it from flying all over the place in search of bacon.

Inspired by a goofy skype conversation and not a real thing ;0

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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1 “Black" Promotional Photos (x)

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Rec me the fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed! My feels are getting kind of worn out today, and on top of that my head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton thanks to allergy season. Prefer SPN or MCU, pairing irrelevant as long as it’s entirely free of angst.


10x03 on set [x]


10x03 on set [x]

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